Sandrine as Sandrine Nnanga!

Sandrine is a popular French female name. It is a diminutive form of Sandra, a shortened form of Alexandra, the female version of Alexander, which means Protector of Men. Another variant of this name will be Sandrine. Lover of life, jovial, charming and very protective, are a few character traits who define her.

She is original, or sometimes picky, she gives the impression of being insensitive and bold whereas in reality she is shy and composed. When she feels comfortable, she is friendly and open.

So she is someone who loves laughing, working and is very playful when in a comfortable environment. Sandrine is a sensitive being but tends to hide her vulnerability behind a more or less ironic smile.

A perfect fit will be our very own Sandrine Nnnaga wife to our star ADAH AKENJI.

Originally from southern Cameroon, Sandrine NNANGA is a dynamic young singer, full of energy and in love with music since childhood. She took her first musical steps in her church choir. After obtaining her baccalaureate, she becomes by the force of destiny chorister then vocal lead of the new writing of the group MACASE, alongside the lovely Merveille Tsang'Mbe, and ended up embarking on one of the most beautiful adventures of his life. 2011 is the year his musical career takes a professional turn. Author of the beautiful song titled “POUR LA VIE'' We cannot love her any less.


Rhoda Abi

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