Noella the merry child

Just like the season and the period of her birth, the name Noella is one that reminds us of Christmas, a period filled with merry and laughter.

Noella like Mrs Epie Noella (an international protection officer with nonviolent Peaceforce) and Ngum Akosa Noella (University of Yaoundé II graduate) means “birthday of the lord” in wider senses born at Christmas. It originates from the old French Nöel, while “Christmas” a variant and later replacement of nael, which itself derives from the latin natalis “birthday”.

Mrs Epie Noella is a passionate humanitarian worker who does not have her tongue in her bag when it comes to advocating for a better African society especially issues concerning women and young girl’s rights. She calls herself a Feminist with big “F”. Through her talk show which she airs via social media platforms she has been able to bring together a great number of young women and helped them get out of their comfort zones to be better versions of themselves, displaying the strong willed, loving and kind nature of the name bearer. Noella is a young lady who bears that name so well.

Miss Ngum Akosa Noella on the other hand is a young graduate from the university of Yaoundé II currently carrying out a professional internship in the legal department of the Cameroon Telecommunications company. She is a brilliant 21-year-old, first child from a family of three who actually had to help her parents in their petty business to see her through school. Unlike some girls of her age Noella has not resulted in using her beauty to make money but a lot of her hard work and discipline.

Strong willed, loving, kind nature, hardworking, gentle, disciplined but strict: some adjectives that describe who these ladies are. They will not allow anything to come in the way of achieving their goals towards a brighter future and are always there to help family, loved ones in times of need. Such joy giver and always the heart of the party just like the gifts under a Christmas tree.

Rhoda Abi

Journalist,consultant and highly-motivated communications Junky