Intergenerational Sexual Relationship: Desperate search for wellbeing

Interview with Catherine Gisèle ABBA FOUDA, Social communicator, specializing in HIV prevention among adolescents.

What can make a young person flirt with an older person? (The causes...the reasons)

"Intergenerational sexual relationships are increasingly being received, and the phenomenon is growing exponentially, I would even say a fashionable trend on both sides. And this under the helpless and sometimes complicit gaze of parents, guardians, supervisors and even the community.

Today young girls take pleasure in declaring themselves " *Chiza* " it seems a luxurious standard of living, boys also say I have my " *Rémé* " or sugar mommy.

The causes are diverse:

The rise of influencers posts in social networks, which tend to value and/or popularize intergenerational relationships.

There is also this tendency for older people to feel fulfilled by having sexual relationships with younger people. (Everyone wants to have their own little one, or own a good little one)

There is also this desperate search for well-being through more intense sexual practices in exchange for a better standard of living (money, apartments, travel, restaurant ...)."

 What are the consequences?

"The scandal” is not very far away from where we will find ourselves in

- The popularization of unhealthy sexual practices (orgies...)

- Loss of self-esteem

- the exponentially increasing HIV prevalence among young people. 3.4% among young girls and 4.8% among women.

-Deaths 55.4% are among women aged 15 and over. (DHS 2018)".

Sere penn Doreen

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