Who is colbie?

This month we celebrate the surname « Colbie ». So we met with a young journalist and entrepreneur who carries the surname, she is called ColbieMedjom. She tells us more about what she knows about the surname and how she feels about it.

  • What do you know about your surname « Colbie »?

According to a research I carried out long ago, « Colbie » was first attributed to boys only but the spelling was « Colby ». Sometime later it started being given to girls including me. I also know 2 American stars with that surname: Colby O'donis and ColbieCaillat. Both are singers.

  • How do you feel about the surname? Do you enjoy being a « Colbie »?

I remember some 10 years back I was very reluctant to use that name. I used to hide it, I didn’t want my classmates to call me like that. I was always abbreviating « C » while writing my name on any document. So my friends didn’t know what that «C » was standing for until one of them carefully looked at my birth certificate one day in class while we were filling documents for BEPC exams. She proudly announced to the others that she found that name I’ve been hiding so far. It was in 2009. Since that day I started using it publicly and today I think I like it more than the first surname.

  • Do you have an idea about how your parents came up with the surname « Colbie »?

As for myself, I was named after one of the main characters of the American series "Dynasty", Jeff Colby, by my cousin (my dad's nephew). He said he was particularly marked by that role of that TV show (if you have watched the show you'll get the point) and therefore convinced my parents to put it on my birth certificate.

  •  As a « Colbie » how can you describe yourself?

The "Colbie" I'm a hardworking, trustful, sociable, curious, loving, caring and prudent woman. Carrying that name has been challenging for me as people always argue on the fact it can't be on my birth certificate. They always thought it was the name I chose for "show show" purposes. Some even wondered if my parents wanted me to be a star by calling me Colbie since it sounds like American star's name.


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