Sex Talk Education; a Necessary Taboo

According to Mrs Fatime Bilamo a Guidance counsellor at Lycée de Batouri-trypano, once the flame of sexual anxiety in a student is lit there is a natural distraction which sets in leading to poor results at school if not guided properly. Furthermore, factors that are associated with the early initiation of teenagers and youth to sexual intercourse are numerous; among them, the consumption of alcohol and other psychoactive substances, family structure, peer influence and exposure to pornographic movies therefore the obvious consequences set in:

  • Poor Academic Results: It is obvious that a student who is involved in sexual relations cannot focus as much as he would have if schooling was the only activity he/she indulged in. Firstly the number of hours set aside for studies are reduced considerably, because of the increased number of extra-curricular activities involved in, which are more than the study hours, consequently affecting the academic performances of the students who scored poor marks and could lead to failure or even repeating the said level.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies: The tendency is that most youth between the ages of 15 to 25 indulge in unprotected sex for the most time, its but normal that within this range we find many with sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, HPV and syphilis which can cost a life. The most common scenario is one wherein a young girl who because her main focus is on the pleasurable and the benefits of having a sexual partner ends up with an unwanted pregnancy!
  • Behaviour change and moral perversion: In the school milieu, the growing trend of girls being with older boys or men has a considerable impact on behaviour change at home like at school".  All these are distractions which do not pair right for any young person who desires to have a good education and later passionately embrace a career.

For now, abstinence is your best friend. Sex is the bad student, Sex can wait! The ideal scenario is to focus on what is important and avoid burning stages as a young vibrant youth with a bright future.

Presented by Rhoda Abi with expertise from Mrs Fatime Bilamo a Guidance counsellor at Lycée de Batouri-trypano.

Rhoda Abi

Journalist,consultant and highly-motivated communications Junky