Menstruation: The Myth Surrounding Nature

Abdominal or pelvic cramping pain, lower back pain, bloating and sore breasts, food cravings, Mood swings and irritability headache and fatigue: these are signs you will notice as a woman when your monthly flow is at the conner. Menstruation, or period, is regular vaginal flow that ensues as part of a woman's monthly cycle. Over the year’s tradition, religion as well as society has had their views concerning this phenomenon.

In some traditions in the northwest of the country, a woman on her monthly flow is not allowed to cook, or touch food meant to be served for men. Some religions go as far as terming menstruating women as unclean, and prohibit the women from physical contact with men during that time. Nevertheless, it is important to note the following:

  • “Period Blood is Dirty”: False

Menstrual fluid isn’t old blood, and it certainly isn’t dirty. You may have been made to feel this way by older relatives or friends, but there is nothing innately unclean about your period or you when you’re on it.

  • “Periods shouldn’t be spoken about”: False

Your period is no different to any other bodily function, and silence around it, is unnecessary and obstructive, making it difficult for people to access information, medical help and support when necessary.

  • “Your Period is a Sign of Disease”: False

There are several variations on this troublesome myth, but however it manifests; the belief that a period is a sign of anything other than functioning ovaries is a debilitating one.  It’s troubling that so many younger menstruators are still being told that menstruation is a sign of illness or disease, or even an indication that they have been cursed. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: your period is a sign that your ovaries and uterus are healthy.

Tips by: Menstruation activist, Candice Chirwa

Desmond Mbua

Freelance journalist from ASMAC