Gaëtan for Endearment and Care

If you are called Gaëtan, then you surely have what it takes to be famous like the Cameroonian footballer, Gaëtan BONG who plays as a left back for Championship club Nottingham Forest and the Cameroon national team.

Gaëtan is a very good communicator. He adapts as well to flexible personalities as to difficult characters. A bit manipulative, he knows how to flatter and bring people where he wants. He can be slightly hypocritical, but few people can detect this trait because Gaëtan acts with such finesse. He has a lot of charm and does not ignore it. Gaëtan does not like to be discredited, he needs admirers and takes care of his image. He is elegant, courteous and attracted by beauty in all its forms. He doesn't like to be in a dirty or messy place, but he hates doing his own housework. But this lack of constancy is not found in his work as he is always efficient and professional.

Gaetans are shy and reserved. Plunged in their thoughts and reveries, they do not make themselves noticed. They are thoughtful and take responsibility for their choices. But even though reserved, he is a great seducer! He naturally attracts women without going through any trouble. Love is his balance. He falls in love, or rather thinks he falls in love, twenty times a day. When he manages to stabilize his feelings, he will be ready to make a lasting and totally sincere commitment. Gaëtan can sometimes be mistaken for an egotist, some may say that he is superficial. But, in a certain context, he can be understanding, wise and honest. He loves what is right and hates to hurt anyone around him. His lover should not be possessive or jealous. He values his freedom more than anything else, but when he really loves, he knows how-to put-up barriers. In reality, Gaëtan is a romantic and believes in a love destiny. He probably thinks that the day he will have found his princess, lightning will come out of the sky. While waiting for this to happen, he takes advantage of his devastating charm without asking himself too many questions.


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