Pounded potatoes and beans


  1. 20 small Irish potatoes ;
  2. 2 cups boiled beans of your choice;
  3. A quarter cup palm oil;
  4. 2 table spoon crayfish ;
  5. 2 table spoon onions-chopped ;
  6. 1 red chili pepper ;
  7. 1 cube Maggi ;
  8. Half tea spoon salt.


  1. Peel potatoes and put in a pot with water then boil until its soft;
  2. In another pot, put palm oil to heat up (do not bleach it);
  3. Put in onions to fry for a bit. Chop chili pepper and throw it together with crayfish. Stir well. (Do not let it burn);
  4. Turn the heat to low then add in your boiled potatoes and beans and begin to mash with a pestle or wooden spoon. Mash till it forms one big lump.
  5. Turn off heat and serve warm. 

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

Engochan Che

A young and talented diva with the mind of working towards success with God's Grace.