Porridge cocoyams

Easy to make yet delicious! “Turning coco” (porridge cocoyam) is one of those meals we often eat at grandma’s because she cooks it best. It requires the simplest ingredients but tastes amazing. Let’s get into the recipe.


• Few coco yams

• A handful of smoked fish

• Small washed bitter leaf

• Pinch of salt to taste

• 3 maggi cubes

• ½ Liter of oil

• 2 Pepper

• ½ liter of water



• Peel and wash coco yams

• Wash fish and add to the pot. You can open up the fish, take out the bones and cut into smaller pieces.

• Add pepper, salt, maggi and water to the pot and boil.

• When the pot starts boiling, add some palm oil.

• Add the washed bitter leaves to the pot when it’s almost ready.

• You can add some more oil if you want it really oily.

• Serve when done.


Hmmmmmm Yummyyyyyyyyyy……………………. Enjoy your meal.

Engochan Che

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