Arthur Zang Officially Presents Oxynnet

As a young Cameroonian engineer, Arthur has just presented this discovery which allows medical oxygen to be produced from or ambient air. A breakthrough in the treatment of coronavirus patients in Cameroon.

Himore Medical of Arthur Zang has officially presented his new product OXYNNET (Oxygen National Network) for the fight against respiratory illnesses like Covid-19. Announcing this innovation on July 6th, 2020 on his Facebook account, Arthur Zang thanks his team saying “during this time, we have been able to stay focused despite the fear that the world will cross”. This is Arthur Zang’s new innovation in the health sector after the cardio pad. The promoter of Himore Medical equipment and his team have set up a connected medical oxygen production station called OXYNNET. In Cameroon, this OXYNNET has already won the UNDP competition for the best technological innovation for the fight against Covid-19.

Each station has electronics and chemical equipments that produces 95% pure medical oxygen is sold in cylinder form; explains Arthur Zang. We then learn that a single bottle cost 40.000 FCFA and corresponds to for hours of breathing for a patient. For this production unit, the young team of engineers is ready to produce these stations in very large numbers. But for the time being, the financial resources and the support of the public authorities are still welcome to achieve the objective. The intellectual capacity is there. ‘As soon as we get an order, we will deliver’ concludes Zang Arthur.

Before, Arthur Zang  Invent Cardiopad, Africa's first medical computer tablet to help diagnose people with heart disease.

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