Which underwear to privilege in class period?

Back to school and long days without taking a bath. This can lead to bad odors emanating from our intimate parts. To minimize these odors and embarrassment, your favorite site proposes you some tips on how to select good underwear during this period:

According to the comfort:

Spending a whole day in class with a bra which is too big or a small pant can make us feel uncomfortable throughout the day. That's why it is very important to choose underwear, which correspond perfectly to our size.

According to the quality

Different types of underwear exist on the market among which are strings, "Boxers", "V pants", etc. In order to be comfortable throughout the day, the "V pants" and "Boxers" are the best, not only because they are comfortable, but also, they are discrete under the uniform.

As for the chest, bras with braces whose elasticity still fits well are recommended. But during sport days, the ideal are bras commonly called "body", because they firmly holds the breasts and doesn’t permit them to swing during movements. For boys, a simple cotton underwear is enough.

According to the texture

Concerning the substance from which these underwear are made, there are so many! Some are made of polyester or iron while others are made of polyamide or bamboo. Among all of these, cotton remains the best, because its texture is the most tolerated by the skin: In addition to being soft when in contact with the skin, it contains vegetable fibers which allows it to be absorbent and permits the cutaneous breathing of intimate parts, even in extreme situations. It is therefore advisable to wear cotton underwear during the days when sport is programmed.

NB: It is very important to always wash, dry and iron our underwear before wearing them because it maximizes the elimination of a large number of bacteria that can cause allergies and disgusting odors.


Flore Momo avec l’expertise du Dr Nguefack Pascal

Flore MOMO

Étudiante en Licence I Chimie à l’université de Yaoundé I Ngoa-Ekelé, pigiste reporter dans le site web reglo.org.