Girls beware of guys who don’t like condoms

When things get up close and personal the rule is always “better safe than sorry’’. When it comes to sexual behaviors, condoms are a must have accessory and when used correctly and systematically, they are your best defense against STIs/HIV. But most often guys come up with the craziest reasons as to why they don’t want to use it says Abanda marcel, Director of Youth Assembly for Justice Cameroon. He says some of the reasons they give include: It blocks sensation, it’s like eaten bananas with the peelings, it doesn’t feel natural, it reduces the pleasure etc. But all these are excuses. According to him, if a guy truly cares about you and your relationship, he will take precautions. Because using a condom can prevent a lot of heart ache in the future. I have been using condoms for over 15 years today and it has never failed me he concludes.

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