Farewell to vaginal odor

Vaginal odor is a pungent smell that comes out from a female’s private part when proper body hygiene has been neglected. This can lead to itches and exposes girls to genital infections. Therefore proper care needs to be given to the vagina in order to eradicate smell and future infections. Here are some tips which girls need to put in practice in order to stop vaginal odor.

  • Avoid wearing nylon pants since they prevent ventilation that causes vaginal odor.
  • Endeavour to keep your vagina clean and dry;
  • Frequent washing of the vagina with clean water (two times per day);
  • Frequently drink water which causes you to urinate and eliminate excess sugar;
  • Change sanitary pads 2-3 times per day during menstruation to avoid vaginal odor;
  • Take citrus fruits which are rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants which prevent bacteria growth.

If the above exercises are taken into consideration by every girl, then vaginal odor will be a forgotten story.

By Che Engochan, with expertise of Mme Edith Mesume Sanda, expert in Maternal Reproductive health in National Aids Control Committee in Yaounde

Engochan Che

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