Youths and drugs: who is to blame?

Youths and drugs: who is to blame?

Drug consumption amongst youths in the society has always been the epicenter of discussion on every lip in every gathering. The youths are one of the main clients of cannabis, cocaine, alcohol and many of these excitants or substances. Despite economic constrains to acquire these substances; addiction to these substances lives them indifferent. The problematic here is who is to be blamed for the involvement of the youths in drugs consumption?

Parents, guardians as well as the teachers of these youths have a portion of the blame to share. It is the place of a parent to continuously follow up the activities of his or her child, take account of his or her every move at all times, while in school, these children are left under the responsibility of their teachers who are also charged with the heavy duty of defining stringent measures to bring up the youths in the right way. In case of loop holes in diligently carrying out their duties, the youths are bound to go astray.

In all, the youths carry the greatest portion of the blame as they have the power to decide between what is good or bad. No matter the level of follow up by the parents, these youths spend more than half of their time out of sight of their parents and during that time they can afford to do whatever they wish. Thus going astray at this point lies on their shoulders. It is important to develop good morals for a youth to abstain from such lifestyle.

Mbua Desmond

Freelance journalist from ASMAC