Women’s party on women’s day: Traps to avoid

Women’s party on women’s day: Traps to avoid

International women’s day! A full day dedicated to the female gender during which we have the right to enjoy and have fun with our friends. During this day, many women celebrate with friends or colleagues in areas where they are confortable. It can be in snack bars, bars or restaurants. But most of the time, in such enjoyments, after one or two bottles of beer, we found ourselves expose to some traps which may ruin our health and life if we are not careful. Here are some of the traps to avoid:

-Avoid imitating others 

Many among us consume things such as alcohol, Shisha, cigarettes and even drugs on this day and finally found ourselves regretting later just because we want to imitate what other does to show that us too we are enjoying, in particular girls who wants others to call them “Done Nga” or “Panthere”.

- Bad destinations and companies. 

Before going to have fun, we should know precisely where we are going, ensure ourselves that it is a secured placed and with whom we are. The people going with us should be those in whom we have confidence because bad companies may have bad intentions and they shall only wait for a moment of inattention to place a trap. Even female company; they might also influence us to do things that we are not use to and these may have bad consequences.

- Inform your elders or parents. 

Make sure we tell our close ones where we are going to and with whom we are. It shall be of great importance if anything happens to us.

-Avoid consuming anything in excess or what we don’t know. 

It may be alcohol, Shisha, cigarettes and even drugs. This can easily remove our lucidity and expose us to dangers. 

- Avoid indecent dressing: 

This may give bad intention to some people and shall therefore endanger our life. 

- Do not follow strangers

Under the influence of friends or something that we are consuming, we can decide to follow a stranger. This is a big risk because we neither know the person nor how it shall finish with the person.

-Never without our ally; our condom 

It is our partner against STDs, HIV and unwanted pregnancy.

Specialist: Guefack Francine, Orientation Counselor

MOMO Flore

Étudiante en Licence I Chimie à l’université de Yaoundé I Ngoa-Ekelé, pigiste reporter dans le site web reglo.org.