Tohkam: The Virtual Police

Tohkam is a virtual report desk where you can report case of violence like: Rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, child abuse. This can be done either as a victim or witness hence bringing help to the victim in question.

Most often, victims of sexual assaults, rape and all other forms of domestic violence find it very difficult to tell their story to the rest of the world. Most of them prefer anonymity. It is for this reason that Nchini Tathiana Claudia, took upon herself to create this platform to help raise awareness. Its modus operandi, channel Reports anonymously or publicly. By anonymous the victim has the option of reporting or sharing his story in a way that not even the developers on the platform know anything about the victim’s profile.

Nchini Tathiana Claudia is a 24 years old Cameroonian web developer and entrepreneur who has a knack for cooking.  This explains the success of her food delivery enterprise, (Tathy's Chicken). Tathiana is 2019’s global peace ambassador, and also doubles as the communication and public relations officer of GLOWESDA Cameroon.

Due to her compassionate nature and strong will to reach out to the masses, she created this platform to give users the opportunity to book for psychological assistance with therapist and counselors virtually. Indeed this is a silver lining in the cloud as far as sexual harassment as well as domestic violence is concern.

Desmond Mbua

Freelance journalist from ASMAC