The influence of western culture on the African culture

The influence of western culture on the African culture

Every culture has its own unique identity characterized by traditions, values and norms that make it distinctive. Over the centuries we have seen that the old African traditions are gradually fading away as we adopt western traditions and slowly conform to western influence, this continues to happen as the days go by. The western culture has influenced the African culture in different domains.

Firstly, It is quiet common place for one to find children in the western world call their parents by their first names, Or even go as far as argue a certain decision of a parent to the point of revolt. The African society on the contrary is versed with the aspect of “Mum, Daddy, Sir, or ma’a” to address ones parents. Children or youths who might have had the privilege to live in the western world and imbibed this aspect of the western culture have the tendency to manifest this culture when they get back to Africa. This usually is not accepted and might even lead to parent child struggle.

More so, marriage is a significant part of life in all African traditions as it bestows respect and is the context within which family lines are extended. This is one area where we see a substantial increase of western influence.

Weddings in Africa have always involved ceremonies and traditional engagements where a lot of importance is placed on family and culture. However these days, most African families conduct two weddings; the traditional wedding and a modern western church wedding.

In actual facts, if care is not taken Africa might wake up tomorrow only to notice that its cultural heritage has been over neglected to the point of its own disappearance.


Mbua Desmond

Freelance journalist from ASMAC