The importance of educating a young girl

The importance of educating a young girl

Mr Tchatchouang Louis, senior teacher working for the Ministry of Basic Education tells us the causes of school drop out for a young girl and the importance of educating a young girl.

What are the principal causes of young girls dropping out of school?

Before addressing how to encourage girls schooling, it is important to understand the factors behind why girls cease to continue attending schools or never even have the opportunity to be schooled in the first place. Briefly here are the main causes. Lack of finances is the main cause of a girl child dropout as a family without finances will often prioritize attendance of the sons over the girls in developing country context. Also, lack of assistance at home in running the household, food production, assisting with family livelihood also makes the girl to cease schooling. This is because the family sees that it is the job of a girl child and as such, she loses schooling and rather stays at home doing house chores. To add, the lack of belief in a need for girls’ education from parents/family/guardians. This is as per cultures which sees the education of a girl child as a taboo and fears that an educated daughter will not be able to get a husband.  Early pregnancies and early marriage are also a major reason as it hinders the schooling of young girls especially on higher grade levels. Gender issues within the school, as some schools do not have privacy of latrines for girls. Poor health, poor nutrition is also a reason for school dropout. Finally, disinterest on behalf of girls is also a reason for the non-schooling of young girls. Sometimes, spurred by outside opportunities, sometimes by inability to cope with subject matter or disheartened by an inability to read or write. 

What is the importance of educating young girls for themselves and their communities?

Every child has the right to learn and get a good and quality education, regardless where they live or their circumstances. Educating girls saves lives and builds stronger families, communities and economies. Here are some of the benefits of educating or giving girls an equal opportunity to be educated for themselves and their communities. To start with, education of the girl child increases productivity and contributes to economic growth. A woman with an education can get a better job with higher wages and has the effect of addressing gender imbalances in the labor force. Furthermore, educating girls saves children’s lives as a child born to a literate mother is 50% more likely to survive. Educated mothers are informed on sanitation, nutrition and immunization for their children. To add, girl’s education helps reduce population growth. Educated women have fewer pregnancies and are also less likely to become pregnant as teenagers. Reduced infection rates for HIV/AIDS and Malaria is an important reason for educating young girls. Educated girls and women are more likely to use contraceptives to reduce HIV/AIDS and bed nets for malaria and are less likely to be infected. Educating a girl is reducing the likelihood to be married as children and are more likely to have opportunities for a healthier and more prosperous life for themselves and the community. Educating girls better prepares them for natural disasters and climate change. Girls education in particular is associated with reduced injury and death and increased family and community resilience from the hazards of natural disasters and extreme weather that results from climate change. To conclude, educating a girl child is educating the world as a woman is a mother of humanity.

Presented by Che Engochan with the Expertise of Mr Tchatouang Louis, Pedagogical Advisor..

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