Social media: the fame is « audio »

Social media: the fame is « audio »

Youths pretend to be what they are not on internet, hunting for “likes” that exposes them to many risks.

Internet offers many positive educational and social benefits to young people but unfortunately there are risks too. As in any other area of life, youths are vulnerable and may expose themselves to danger knowingly or unknowingly when using internet and other digital technologies. They may find themselves involved in activities which are inappropriate or illegal.

Such as pornography hateful or violent in nature, that expose/encourages them to activities that are dangerous or age inappropriate. As a result of exposure to pornography, they create unhealthy sexual relationships that are of extreme risk to the youths.

Also, bullying is another risk as they may receive emails, chats or text messages that make them feel uncomfortable, upset, depressed or afraid. This can damage their self-esteem and pose a threat to their psychological wellbeing. Other risks are falling for scams, cyberpredators, posting private information, phishing, accidentally downloading malware etc. In addition, we have bodyshaming “some kind of harassment” which is so common now. It’s the action of humiliating someone by mocking him/her or making unhealthy comments about their body shape or size.

Even though internet exposes youths to risks, it is a major source of information and convenience.

Che Engochan

A young and talented diva with the mind of working towards success with God's Grace.