Smart thinking, smart money

Smart thinking, smart money

A business man is one bound by the sole aim of making profits while an entrepreneur is one bound by solving societal problems which will automatically lead to more profits at the end of the day. Today we take down the horizon to explore the different means through which youths can be entrepreneurs around the areas, thus becoming their own boss.

Looking around us, there are many domains in which the population is lacking in the society. All they need is that super hero, capable of thinking out of the box to get them long-lasting solutions.

  Did you ever know your smartphone can do more than just chitchat on WhatsApp, take photos or send friend requests on Facebook? You can get into micro blogging, one of the most decent and well paid online jobs you could have in contemporary a society. There is an illustrious youth who has taken that bold step at the moment, a true testimony: he owns a blogging website centered on sports (PAVELS-SPORTSBIZ.COM) with the help of his Google account, today Pavel Joseph Nyuysuliy, the proprietor of this site is an independent youth. As with just his smartphone and laptop, he earns alot in just a day.

Just like Pavel Joseph, many other youths out there are busy being entrepreneurs, solving societal wants and making an honest living. This is the case with Therese Nike who owns a restoration service in Yaoundé at Obili where she sells fried potatoes and eggs. This business she started since her childhood has taken her through school till today it pays her bills. She has employed two other youths who help her carrying out this business activity. 

Also, Raisa,  in Yaoundé Ngoa Ekelle is a successful seamstress who today makes a living out of this trade, her talent enables her to win the hearts of her clients who are very faithful to her. She also has under her employees who help her with the bulk of work she does per day.

Just like these youths of not more than 26 years of age, why can this 2020 not be your turn to make a difference in the life of the nation and your immediate surroundings.

Mbua Desmond

Freelance journalist from ASMAC