Nyangono du Sud and Grand Barrack on the top of the chart

Nyangono du Sud and Grand Barrack on the top of the chart

Ever heard of foup fap or j’ai Deja goûté ca? Surely you have. Play any of these songs in a gathering and you will get even the drunk or weary up on their feet dancing to the rhythms like never before.  But what is the real secret behind the rapid success of these songs that have succeeded in capturing the minds of the youths, the old and even the young this rapidly.  Let’s dive deep into the subject matter.


They go by names Nyangono du Sud and le Grand Barack. And it is worth noting that none of them is below fifty years of age. This might make many think that they are way passed the target audience and generation, but that doesn’t stop their flow as they are so much loved.

Nyangono du sud is not just an artist but also very well to do business man as he owns a number of house hold appliances outlets dotted around the city of Yaoundé, with the most prominent at the Yaoundé central market.

 Le Grand Barack rose to prominence after a video of him expressing disgruntlement against Eneo went viral on the internet. One stone killed two birds; he released ‘j’ai deja goute ca’.


There are a number of aspects that explain the fame of these artists like: their dress code and their manner of dancing which is very unique. Nyangono says he is out to sensitize the youths against deviant behaviors as well as the reward for hard work as le Grand Barack just wants to “goute ca” with his fans.


From the young via the old to the youth, almost a greater part of the public cannot resist dancing to the rhythm of any these two famous songs in whatever gathering.

Meanwhile some people are of the opinion that the said artists are just court jesters in the music industry, others believe that they are good animators.

Nevertheless, the two oldies in the music industry Nyangono and Le Grand Barack have not yet said their final words as they plan much for their public who still can’t believe that “ ce comme ca q’ils allait fait”.

Mbua Desmond

Freelance journalist from ASMAC