Mango cocktail

Mango cocktail

Mango juice is a delicious drink, refreshing and easy to prepare.


  • Juicy fresh mangoes;
  • Cold water;
  • Sugar and flavor of your choice.


  • Peel the mangoes using a sharp knife, cut them into two to remove the seed.
  • If the mango is sufficiently soft, slice to remove the seed and scoop the pulp with a spoon. Blend the mango pulp or diced mangoes to make a smoothie
  • Add cold water to the mango smoothie to get light juice.  Water can equally be replaced by milk, coconut water or any other liquid of one’s choice.
  • Filter the juice to remove any mango strands. However, filtering is optional.

Step 4:

  • Add sugar and flavor to the drink. If the mango was ripe, there may be no need to add sugar. Either Honey or syrup can be used. Add ice cubes to chill and enjoy the drink!

NB: A tea spoon of lemon, half tea spoon of powder cardamom, half tea spoon of cannelle powder or a spoon of hearly cream or coconut milk.

Nkoyo Franck Jaures

Étudiant en licence II Anthropologie à l’université de Yaoundé Ngoa Ekélé et pigiste reporter dans le site web 100%jeune Cameroun.