Kwacoco bible

Kwacoco bible


4 Medium sized cocoyams.

A quarter cup of crayfish.

Smoked fish.

2 Maggi cubes.

Salt to taste.

1 Habanero pepper

Plantain/Banana leaves to wrap.


  • Peel the cocoyams and use a grater to grate it into a smooth paste.
  • Add all ingredients to the grated cocoyams except the palm oil and mix well.
  • Warm the palm oil and add to the mixture.
  • Mix again until the color is even.
  • Wrap in plantain/banana leaves.
  • Put all the wraps into the pot, some water and steam on high heat for an hour.
  • Remove and let it get cold and serve.

Enjoy your meal.

Che Engochan

A young and talented diva with the mind of working towards success with God's Grace.