KO-C: give me the mic yuh!!!

KO-C: give me the mic yuh!!!

It’s another one; this is the famous slogan lyrics of the young Cameroonian rapper KO-C who just made his debut in the music industry not long ago.

He was born in the early 90s in Kumba, Cameroon. Collins Njang is from a family of ten. All through his secondary school life he had always loved showbiz. He became a dancer until when he migrated to Buea to follow up his university program at the higher institute of management studies.

There, he meet with some friends who introduced to people who could help him in his music career, there he joined the P.I.M boys and released their first song “Ici Au Kmer”. After a while they decided to go solo, this permitted him to released his first single the famous “balance” thou to him the music did not actually hit the targeted amount of audience he expected, rather this earned him a record signing deal with “Big dreams”.

 He then went further to release “bollo c’est bollo” this hit of his was much loved by the Cameroonian public and beyond, since then his fans have been craving for a collabo between him and his roll model Sarkodie.

The young rapper doesn’t remain indifferent about the demands of his fans rather he says he still has to work harder in other to step his level to meet at least 70% of his role model before the collabo with Sarkodie can take place.

For the year 2018, the Cameroonian hit rapper promises to his fans the release of a half album which will contain some nine songs which his fans will savour. Thus we expect the best from KO-C by the end of 2018.

Mbua Desmond

Freelance journalist from ASMAC