Girl, you want to be a leader? Start now!

Girl, you want to be a leader? Start now!

Women are born leaders.  For a girl to grow and have strong leadership skills she must have been able to handle petty tasks with so much responsibility while growing up. Becoming a leader streams from our everyday activities. Here are some basics:

Girls emerge as leaders in school settings when they take their studies seriously, having a goal to achieve and inspiring others to work hard and look forward to a bright future. A girl who studies hard produces good grades, she attracts lots of attention to herself and many would aspire to be like her thus working harder.

It is always said that charity begins at home. How about girls, start being leaders in their homes! Creating an impact at home will definitely go a long way. Whether being the eldest or the youngest in the house, a girl who takes care of the others is looked upon as a role model. She is respectful and sensitize her siblings about good behaviors in society. That is leadership!

In your relationship firstly with your friend, the young girl should not be a “follower” but rather be a leader who positively influences others. In her romantic relationship, she must not allow herself to be dominated by her partner.

By nature women are caring, so putting little efforts to make their community better is a huge step to leading. Always thinking or putting the welfare of others above theirs.  

Mbua Desmond

Freelance journalist from ASMAC