Bukola Iyabo Osadare is no more

Bukola Iyabo Osadare is no more

Following a long battle with Bosom cancer, the popular Nollywood actressBUKOLA IYABO OSADARE has kicked the bucket according to a report by Instablog on November 27, 2019.

The news of her death came with a lot of sad reactions as she was fondly remembered for her dedication to work.

Bukola who is an orphan was reportedly abandoned by her husband after she was diagnosed with Bosom cancer in 2014 and a campaign was raised to donate the sum of 35 millions  to help fight the disease.

Sadly all efforts were in vain as news of her death was announced on Instablog as seen below: “You fought cancer so hard to conquer but it was so sad to hear that you finally lost the battle to the beast known as cancer, though it was a total submission to your maker because it wasn’t an easy battle you encountered throughout. Many thanks to everyone that has contributed one way or the other to support the struggling to save you, we love you but Lord Jesus loves you most, sleep on in perfect peace. Adieu.”

Mbua Desmond

Freelance journalist from ASMAC