A global village with individual implications

A global village with individual implications

The world is slowly becoming a global village, thanks to the advent of the social media and social networking.

Youths are predominantly the users of Internet for social interaction. They are the ones who cannot imagine life without Internet, they seeking for ways to connect virtually to everyone in the world. According to “We are Social” 2019 report, over half of the Cameroonian population under 30 years of age, are the ones more frequent on the Internet. We must harness the creativeness of the youth for the economic growth of Cameroon. Bearing in mind that, internet opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities to the youths, the consequences of ignorantly using social media by the youths should not be overlooked.

  • Health wise, some school of thought say, the maximum time to spend networking on social media is three hours. Superseding this time will cause depression, and even go as far as damaging other vulnerable areas like the eyes, because of too much direct contact with light.
  • Educationally, the use of shorthand in text messaging or sometimes tweeting by the youths, in a bid to meet up with the required character allocation for a post or be not left out in a WhatsApp group discussion, makes the users to addicted to this form of writing  that at times they forget the exact spelling of words. This can go as far as using it during exams in school, which leads to poor performance of the student.
  • Economically, the social network is a silent poverty facilitating agent to the youths. Without realizing, a youth is capable of using up more than half of their pocket money, to buy data connections. 

Source: histoiresdecm.com

Mbua Desmond

Freelance journalist from ASMAC