A few tips on how to cater for your acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are a new trend observed within the youth community so far, the society is gradually drifting from the conventional capsule nails which doesn’t allow the nail artist to explore new designs as much as the acrylic powder permits. The acrylic nail is obtained from a mix of powder and liquid monomer that is combined into a blob of dough, shaped onto your nails with a brush, and then air-dried. They are ideal for people looking to change the shape of their nails or want more length. Here are a few suggestions on how to take care of this artificial nail type:

  • The first thing to do when wearing acrylic nails is to treat them with extra care as the nail on which it is built is soft. Avoid opening cans or doing something that can damage or break your nail, a separated nail can take you to the hospital.
  • In case you need to do work while wearing your nails, carry a heavy load, dig into dirt please wear gloves to avoid bacteria.
  • Consider buying a home top coat applicator also commonly called nail hardener as this will help preserve the build on the nail fresh and shiny.
  • If you would like the nails to last longer, rather than opting for a normal nail polish on go for a gel nail polish instead.
  • Constantly deep your nails into a lemon or lime fruit or squeeze out the juice in a bowl or glass which you will use to wash your nails.
  • Avoid Acetone by all means it does not go well with acrylic nails. Go back to the nail specialist for the pullup of the nail construction. Just as the building process is in stages there is a whole modus operandi for the removal.
  • Avoid exposure to heat at all cost
  • Use Vitamin E often, dry cuticles and hands can be common, especially if you have skin that’s prone to dryness or you’re in a particularly cold climate. Vitamin E oil or shea butter on your skin up to once a day, depending on dryness. However, for most people, one application per week should be sufficient.

Rhoda Abi

Journalist,consultant and highly-motivated communications Junky