The 5 keys to success in Examination

Repetition is the mother of learning, meaning there is always need for students to study properly putting into account the fact that success only comes with proper preparation, increasing confidence and brain speed. Herewith are a few keys to success which will serve as practical reference.

  • An Appropriate Study time table:  Experience has shown that of the most important tools of success for a student is a well drafted study timetable. A study time is as much an essential to life just like the water a human takes on a daily basis. It has the sole responsibilities of getting the student study conscious and very organized as per how work.
  • Organized Entertainment: Study and play do not go in pair; the brain needs full concentration in-order for it to produce its best. As such there is need for the student to determine exactly when he can go for a walk, watch a movie or even browse through social media ensuring that it is just an exercise meant to relax the brain after a considerable time at study.
  • Time consciousness: Time management is very important when preparing for an exam as much as the work load could be high, proper organization could ease up covering the larger bulk of it all. Avoiding procrastinating things which can be done immediately for a later date the ideal is to get it done and dusted to move to something else.
  • Group study: Because no one has monopoly of knowledge it is important to be in platforms of learning, to exchange ideas with friends and classmates to have a better understanding of a particular subject or even a topic. Difficulties faced could be subject to a special class or even revision and emphasis laid by the school teacher helping in proper understanding.
  • Practice on old exam papers: There is really nothing new under the sun like it is often said. Continuous exercise and work on old exams paper give one high changes of being comfortable with just any form of question which will come in the exam room. The more question papers which are treated the more prepared.


Presented by Rhoda Abi                

Rhoda Abi

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