These are the Effects of ‘Using Soap’

The act of Masturbation in itself is simply put as the act of engaging in self - sexual fulfilment in other to have sexual pleasure or even to arrive at orgasm. This is often done with the aid of either pornographic movies for the most or other tools like sex toys, fruits or soap, but then every act has consequences be it positive or negative.

Unfortunately, the constant use of soap on the genitals during the masturbation act have negative effects not only on the skin of this organ but also on the sexual reproductive system in itself as a whole as:

  • The chemical agents used to produce soaps and detergents are corrosive such that they are meant to be used within a given period of time and under particular condition hence the application of this substance will naturally generate friction which will help the individual arrive climax but could leave a wound because of the soft nature of the skin and cause difficulties in urinating.
  • A wound on the sexual organs can lead to a sexually transmitted illness and even HIV/AIDS if not treated and sadly a partner may have to pay for the sins of the other.
  • The sexual reproductive organs are very sensitive areas of the body which are to be handled with care. It is not even advised for young girls or boys to use chemicals for clean-up (intimate toilet) because the genital organ has a natural clean up mechanism. Soaps can cause infections and even burns which can even in the long term if not treated properly lead to infertility.

Before ever asking anyone to “cut you a piece of soap” it is worth taking into account the fact that “pleasurable” act can cost you your fertility or even a lifetime physical scar.

Presented by Rhoda Abi with the expertise of Dr Aicha Pemi, General practitioner specializing in gynaecology.


Rhoda Abi

Journalist,consultant and highly-motivated communications Junky