Akwenais, Party in Grand Style

Beyond their celebrity suite and over tight schedule, they are also human and always yearn to meet family. Cameroonian celebrities were not left out during the festive season. In their own unique way, they ensured a roller coaster experience for themselves during this period.

 Mel B Akwen, one of Cameroon finest and leading female artists, knows how to play hard, and party hard. With a wide variety of food and drinks Mel B had her friends; family and other close collaborators come over as they sang Christmas carols together. 

Fans were not left out as during a live video, Mel B did a festive giveaway. She shared money, clothes and many other items that will help her fans have a well spent festive period just as she did with the family.

Professional, she had a couple of shows. Private, public and even live shows where the other of the just ended festive period. Being one of the guest stars at YAFE (Yaoundé en fête) https://web.facebook.com/newyafe/  she thrilled fans and music lovers with soul touching sounds from her rich repertoire.

Desmond Mbua

Freelance journalist from ASMAC