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The national youth day celebration: beyond the march pass

The Ministry of Youths and Sports has revolutionalised the annual youth day celebrations by bringing in an innovation that falls in line with the “Android generation”. An 11-day Youth village has ...

Gender equality and customs/traditions

In the past, there was a great difference between men and women. Only men had the right to attend school and received much respect from women whereas women were meant to remain at home, taking care ...

Le droit à la santé

Dr. Lantche Wandji Martial, Médecin Epidémiologique à la Fondation Chantal Biya (FCB), nous parle de l’importance à mettre un patient immédiatement sur traitement antirétroviral.

« Les filles partout dans le monde sont toujours victimes de discrimination»

Melinda Bakoa, conseillère psychosociale, parle des droits des jeunes filles

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