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Au secours : mes droits sexuels

Tu es surpris de savoir qu’il existe des droits sexuels ? Eh oui, cher réglo ! Les droits sexuels existent bel et bien. Ce sont des droits relatifs à la sexualité qui émanent des droits humains ...

Falling in love with a friend

Falling in love seems difficult, doesn’t it? Nearly impossible if you ask millennials who are currently swiping left on Tinder a million times a day.

My puberty: 100% clean

One of the most protruding consequences of puberty is body odor. Boys and girls undergoing puberty may notice that, their body has started to smell different, or smell more, especially after sports ...

Puberty: when emotions get involved

Puberty is a very delicate stage in life where boys and girls who undergo this era find it very difficult to cope with some varying changes on their body. Especially when their emotions start taken a ...

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