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Which underwear to privilege in class period?

Back to school and long days without taking a bath. This can lead to bad odors emanating from our intimate parts. To minimize these odors and embarrassment, your favorite site proposes you some tips ...

Girls beware of guys who don’t like condoms

When things get up close and personal the rule is always “better safe than sorry’’. When it comes to sexual behaviors, condoms are a must have accessory and when used correctly and ...

Menstrues : A chacune sa protection hygiénique !!

Elles sont habituées à ça mais, malgré tout, la période des menstrues est toujours un moment de stress pour les femmes qui ne sont pas encore calées sur le choix de leur protection hygiénique.

Five Contraceptive myths that puts you at risk of pregnancy

Some contraceptive methods like condoms make sex less pleasurable. False! Most guys use this as an excuse in other to avoid using condoms; they say it decreases their pleasure. It’s either fit too ...

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