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MHD, le roi de l’Afrotrap quitte le trône

Alors que sa carrière connait un succès singulier, le prince de l’Afrotrap MHD a décidé de se retirer de l’industrie musicale.

Mimie: The rising star of kamer urban music

In just less than two years, this beautiful artist has succeeded in implanting her marks in Cameroonian urban music and is actually the role model of most Cameroonians as their love for her works ...

Locko et Mimie: Une histoire d’amour, d’amitié ou de business ?

Après avoir observé la grande complicité qui existe entre le prince de « Sawa Romance » et la belle Mimie Ngoga dans une des vidéos de Locko « Boo Boo », plusieurs fans pensent qu’une belle ...

Tzy Panchack: Quickly joining the league of afro-pop stars in Cameroon

Born on the 27th of February 1986 in Mamfe, a city in the Southwest Region of Cameroon, Etah Tambe Nyenti popularly known by his artistic name, Tzy Panchak, or Panchako, is one of Cameroon’s top ...

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